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Infographics Design


A majority of businesses are today taking resort in infographics when they want people and targeted audience to quickly grasp a business idea. The importance of infographics can be gauged from the fact that you find them everywhere on the web. Infographics stand out on the accord of dispelling information smoothly and presentably.


Infographics are creative and illustrative representation of your business philosophy that you are trying to convey. In creating infographics, the designers involve various elements such as charts, colors, images and graphs. All these elements serve the purpose of telling your business story so that the target audience can easily understand your business process and grab the statistics.


To design infographics, you should incorporate images, colors, icons, statistics and drawings etc. along with a brief text about your business. In designing of infographics, the text and all other elements must be presented in a precise way. The aim is to convey the message and statistics in a visual manner. Crowdsourcing sites such as Designhillcan work well for you to create your infographics design with the help of professional designers.

If you have never used infographics to promote business, here are some reasons that will convince you to market your business through creative infographics design.


Studies have revealed that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. The attention span of audience is typically very short, so it is only natural that you use infographics to grab their attention in short time. Infographics are designed for a quick scanning of your content, unlike traditional methods of reading an entire paragraph of business idea. Infographics attract people through the use of bright colors and appealing imagery.


Infographics are interesting and evoke a sense of pleasure because of bright colors and images. Also, audiences grab the information in a less stressful way. Hence, people are likely to share your blogs and articles if they contain infographics rather than lengthy articles and essays. You can use Google Analytics to track how people are engaging with your blogs that have infographics. Plus, your infographics will also be shared across social networks, which helps your building more concrete links.


Your infographics are effective marketing tools to build brand awareness. This is due to the fact that visuals used in the illustration of content can convey your business message to the audience easily and so your brand stays in the memory of the audience for a longer time.

You can also use infographics offline for marketing activities. For example, you can take out printed versions of infographics to distribute them on the sidelines of an event or use them on brochures and leaflets to promote your products and services.

Make sure that you use a creative infographics design that is professionally done by the designers. For ideas and inspiration, you may scour through the pages of one of the popular crowdsourcing websites.


Since infographics are attractive and people love to share them on social networks, their chances of becoming viral are much higher than ordinary text content. Jeff bullas revealed on his blog that infographics production has increased by 1% every day, this makes the world of graphics more inclined towards infographics rather than traditional form of text-on-images. A viral post is something that doesn’t evoke a sense of doubt to the viewers. So infographics are successful because you instantly know that no brand is going to mislead or lie about the information after spending so much effort in making an infographic.


To present an overview of a topic than shelling out complex in-depth data and analysis, look out for infographics. Infographics were born to break down complex ideas into simple visuals, which also make them great educational tools. There were times when it was increasingly difficult to understand complex ideas like what constitutes rocket machinery, or how does the polling system works, or simply how the design industry works. With the rise in infographics, many complex ideas were understood with a blink of an eye for which otherwise we would have to read tons of books and magazines.



The process of drawing comparisons demands having organized similarities and differences. An infographic works like a wonder in this case by visually designing parallel points and comparisons that complement the presented information. Now, the art of comparing one thing with another can often be very difficult. It is hard to differentiate between iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 in words. However, with the use of graphical elements, one can easily portray the differences in a neatly organized way. The starting point of most of the comparisons begins with visual difference, that’s exactly where infographics score high.


Business Weekly reveals how 80% of the work involved in creating an infographic is data gathering, shaping and checking. This makes the creator a great researcher as well as a great storyteller with minimum words. For businesses, it also facilitates management decision-making as it demands a fast processing of reports that has numerous words and data that is too hard to understand. With effective designing skills and key elements, one can make reports like these look visually appealing and simple. Visual data in this way can showcase the growth of a new product for which statistics are highly advisable, or the number of visitors on a particular marketing campaign or the growth of your target audience on various social networking channels. This form of graphic art can make people understand and reciprocate easily and simply.


The modern prerogative of data representation is to portray the information in a neat and organized way. Human nature is subjective when it comes to reading a load of text information and data. With the correct use of infographics, there is a lesser chance of misinterpreting facts and figures. Also, the study of data analytics often bores the viewer, but with infographics the whole process became simple and enjoyable. Designers these days chose to create infographics with graphic elements that are smoother for eyes and easy to grasp. The choice of colors and shapes make the data appealing so much so that besides just informing, it also educates the viewer. One needs to be smart and effective in making infographics as they demand great skills and creativity.

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Original price was: ₹3,840.Current price is: ₹3,600.
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