Spokespersons and Testimonials


Spokespersons & Testimonials

When evaluated through a measure of media credibility, a customer spokesperson rates higher than a company spokesperson. In addition, a product is viewed more positively by an audience receiving information quoting a customer spokesperson rather than a company spokesperson. An audience with low business expertise considers both types of spokespersons as more trustworthy than a high-expertise audience; however, a customer is considered more trustworthy than a company spokesperson. The study provides public relations professionals with insight in determining the use of spokespersons when communicating to business people.

 offers the best on spokesperson & testimonial videos. We will create a customized spokesperson & testimonial video to describe your product or service in a simple and fun way. People need to know about your product or service. Without your presence you will not succeed on any competitive market, which is why testimonials and spokesperson videos is a great way to get your client’s experience out there.

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