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Created & Postulated on: 01st January 2014 & Last Updated 28th February 2017By taking our service from Software Plus Solutions Private Limited, our clients are adhered by our Policy along with Terms and Conditions.

Exceptions which are given verbally or written by any person or by email will not be valid.

Only this policy adhere our business commitment with Clients and Clients accepting our Terms and Conditions with Policy before and during receiving Services from Software Plus

  1. All Contents and Images are to be provided by Clients for their respective website

  2. Any Legal calamities based on content or images, will be taken care by our Clients in case of copyright issues from any company or from Content Network Companies

  3. CPanel or Hosting Details or FTP – File Transfer Protocol Details will not be provided to any Clients

  4. Domain Login Credentials will not be provided to any Clients

  5. Domain Login Credentials may be provided to Clients, if they decide to change their Website Vendor – in that case website and all other services with Software Plus Solutions Private Limited will be withdrawn and we will not be responsible for any down time or issues thereafter.

  6. Software Coding or website Coding for Client Websites will not be provided by Software Plus, as we are ensuring only Website output rental or hiring to our Clients and not selling any Website or Software

  7. Software Plus provides only rental or leasing of website development and other Services as mentioned in our services

  8. All eMail, SMS and other communication plans will be controlled by Software Plus

  9. All Marketing Output is dependent or based on Service Provider like Google, Facebook, Youtube, GoDaddy, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on…Software Plus will not ensure exact results as this is been done on third party service providers

  10. SEO or any other Digital Marketing solutions result may vary time to time and Software Plus will not be responsible for any time delay

  11. Payment cycle – Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly have to be paid on every calendar month with Client Service Start Date

  12. All payments are in Pre Paid Mode and hence any Service may be stopped, if payment is not received before due date

  13. Clients can stop their service by written communication to Software Plus at any time, Refund for balance on that month or yearly plan will not be provided to Clients

  14. No Refund for Website Designing or Development or for any other Services
  15. Clients who use the website or our services for any illegal activities will be terminated from giving service by Software Plus and stringent action will be taken by Cyber Crime Department
  16. Clients can’t claim back money for any services taken during past months and the present month

  17. Software Plus will not be responsible for any Hacking of website or Down Time of Website or Down Time of Hosting and Email ID’s as these may be due to unexpected intruders or Clients Competition Company may tend to this.

  18. Software Plus will not be responsible for any domain theft or data theft due to lack of Website Security Sign Up by Client

  19. Email and SMS Marketing Engines should be handled by Clients safely and with good content, Software Plus will not be responsible for any implications caused by Clients as these panels are handled by our Clients directly

  20. All Legal Proceedings will be taken up in Chennai High Court or Jurisdiction Only

  21. Any late payment fee after the due date will be incurred for Clients @ 2% per day basis, recurring to a number of days paid after the due date.

  22. Once Website or related services is down by Software Plus, due to late payment – Same Services will be resumed only after paying 3 months in advance along with Interest as mentioned

  23. Referral program pay out will not be paid as Cash to Clients, it can be adjusted only with Clients subsequent billing.

  24. In case of any customer wants to move out of Software Plus Services, they are free to go after intimating in written confirmation from authorized email to Software Plus after clearing all dues

  25. Service will be stopped and hence controls will not be provided thereafter after 24 Hours of email confirmation

  26. Software Plus will not support in moving your Files, programs, Contents & Images to your New Hosting Space as we don’t provide any CPanel Access to our Clients

Note: Software Plus Solutions Private Limited have got all rights to Change or Amend these Policy or Terms and Conditions at any point of time, which have to be accepted by Software Plus Clients.

By taking up our Services, it has been understood that Clients adhere to our Software Plus Policy.

Any query related to these Terms and Conditions or Policy can be written to support@softwareplus.org

Do It Yourself Program


You can buy Domain, Hosting and other Web Accessories and configure with development by yourself.

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