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Project Management Consultants

The successful Proponent (“Consultant”) will provide management of various projects and/or provide additional project management support services on as and when required basis. Tasks that may be required on some or all of these projects include but are not limited to:
Creation of scope for the purpose of consultant scope definition, construction tendering or obtaining pricing. Tasks that may form part of this work include coordinating the involvement of the City’s contract architects, designers and engineers to: 

a) Ensure proper solutions are provided,

b) Research options for solutions.

c) Review of logistics issues that will impact execution of the project.

d) Assembling all documentation covering scope.

Providing the required specifications and documentation for the preparation (by the Purchasing Department) of solicitation documents, overseeing the management of the tender process and evaluation of proposals and may include:

a) Working with the City’s Purchasing staff.

b) Managing addendum and questions that arise during the solicitation process.

c) Obtaining required number of quotes on lower priced items that do not require full
public solicitations.

d) Evaluation of submissions.

e) Coordinating review of options and choices when required.

This may include engagement of facilities staff, staff from multiple divisions, public consultation and reports/presentations to Coquitlam Council, and f) Work with staff on selection of successful proponent. Ensuring compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations throughout the

Some examples include:
a) Purchasing policies,
b) Environmental policies,
c) Hazardous materials issues,
d) Building code,
e) Provincial safety authority,
f) Fire safety issues; and
g) Occupational Health & Safety.

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