STOP: Paying for Just Leads or Enquiries or Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impressions

  • START: Paying only for Assured Sales with Collections
  • No Security Deposit or No Per Month Fixed Cost
  • No More Expenses for your Digital Marketing & Online Promotions for your Business
  • Our Online Advertising model in which payment is based solely on qualifying Sales & Collection.
  • In a pay per sale agreement, the advertiser only pays for sales generated by our Sales Engine @ Mutually agreed % as our Sales Incentive
  • Paying per sale is often seen as the payment model most favorable to advertisers and least favorable to publishers.
  • In such an agreement, the publisher must not only be concerned with the quality and quantity of target audience, but also the quality of the advertiser’s creative units and destination site.
  • Now it’s the time to take your Business from Local to Global @ No Fixed Cos
  • If possible, many publishers avoid sales-based agreements and preferring to stick with CPM or CPC Model
  • For advertisers, pay per sale has some unique advantages compared to pay per click and pay per lead. There are fewer concerns about whether conversions are legitimate, and whether traffic is incentivized or of low quality.
  • Think about this. The way most service-based agencies maximize their revenue is by doing the least amount of work for a monthly fixed rate. If they can do just enough to keep the client they make the most money. Stop paying for reports & start paying for sales.
  • What you need to provide is with Basic Requirements as listed below of your Online Presence to us, we will promote it with all possible means via Digital Marketing Technology and work with your Marketing & Sales Department for Sales Closure.
  • We will just take Mutually agreed % of your revenue once Sales is closed & after you receive Payment.

Get Started Now…Our Business model will make Business Sense than other Lead Based Ad Agencies…

We provide Ecommerce Website

  • Dynamic Website & Web Mobile App

  • Mobile Responsive Website

  • SEO Friendly Website

  • Landing Pages with Blogs

  • Auto Email Shoot Engine

  • Online WhatsApp Chat

  • Online Payment Integration To Your Bank Account

Pay Per Sale 2

We provide FREE Digital Marketing Promotions

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization

  • SMO Social Media Optimization

  • Email & SMS Marketing

  • WhatsApp & Facebook Marketing

  • Content & Video Marketing

  • Google Ads & Tele Calling BPO

  • Referral & Network Marketing

Why do we need Your Website with Basic Requirements?

To do Digital Ads your website should match the following requirements as per Current & Near Future technology
1. Dynamic Website is to keep changing contents and keep creating new pages & blogs on daily basis and hence we need a Dynamic Website
2. Mobile Responsive: Most of Clients are accessed with Smart Phones and all their search goes mainly through Mobile Phones and hence we require website with this feature
3. Search Engine Friendly – All Tags / Posts / Blogs / Forums / Press Release / Image Alt Text, Page Title, Page Descriptions & so on…
4. Online Payment Gateway in most of the cases we would like to give deals and offers through your website and get some payment in advance via your website payment link which is linked with your Bank Account
5. Landing Pages are required when we run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, SEO on your website we need to generate Landing Pages and direct your Clients direct to these pages and hence they see what they were searching or looking for
6. Auto Email shoot Engine is required for shooting emails for registered users and subscribers with your EDM’s and hence create lot of engagement and keep them with your Biz Current Affairs
Terms & Conditions
  • Just fill up your Contact Details and your service will start within 48 Hours in the form given after you choose the plan
  • Once Plan is selected, we will discuss with you and fix up Mutually agreed % Percentage of your sales value as our Sales Incentive
  • This Sales Incentive has to be paid to us on a monthly basis on Completed Sales
  • Our Sales Incentive have to be settled by 05th of Every Month
  • If you need more clarification kindly fill up our Enquiry Form in the bottom of this page we will have a meeting to take our Service forward.
  • Or just give a call @ +91 9042 024 124 / 9840 838 124 /  1800 572 5755 / for your queries
  • Results may differ for businesses based on Target Geography, Demography on Biz Product or Service Lines
  • Make My Sales may alter program for benefits of Clients as and when required by Prior Notice

Few Of Our Clients on Pay Per Sale Program

kubs impex
Free Sub Domain, Web Hosting, Maintenance & SEO: Sell unlimited products with free hosting and unlimited Bandwidth provided – Free SEO Search Engine Optimization for all your Products
Your Brand Identity: Sell on Your own Domain Name & forward your domain name to our Shopping Cart Website exclusively made and customized for your business online store with your Company Logo
COD Cash on Delivery: Exclusive Store for you to Sell, Deliver & Collect as per your policy including Cash on Delivery / Sodexo Coupons / Card on Delivery
Your Bank Account Linked:  Free Payment Gateway Integrated on to your Bank Account directly, get Online Payment direct to your Bank Account @ 2%
Your Logistics:  You can send your products to Clients by your own Logistics
Inventory Management Panel: You sell on your inventory stock we give panel to manage stock online. You can just focus sales based on your stock
Order Management Panel: Your order will be in your panel, you can just print Bill & deliver goods in your defined pin code or All India where you can supply
No Maintenance charges: Take unlimited orders by your promotions through Visiting Card / Paper Inserts / Brochures / Other Promotions as you desire
Define Your own Return / Exchange Policy: You can define, create, edit your own unlimited pages & policy
Marketing or Sales Commission Charges to Make My Sales – Pay Per Sale Program is just @ Mutually Agreed % on Sales Value & Payable Monthly

Program Comparison

Market Place V/s. Pay Per Sale


FeaturesMarket PlacePay Per Sale
Store Positioning to ClientsCommon StoreExclusive Store

Seller Brand or Company NameSeller Company Branding InvisibleSeller Company Branding Visible & sells on Seller Company Name with Seller Logo
Competition to Sell Your ProductsHeavy CompetitionNo Competition
Biz FocusOnly Products or Service can be SoldBoth Products & Service can be Sold
Margin on ProductsToo Low due to CompetitionToo High due to Exclusivity
Price StrategyNo MOP Balance, any time decrease your Product Price and make MOP InstableMOP Balanced as it is controlled by Seller Team
Winning SalesOnly Lowest Priced Seller Gets OrdersOnly your Store Products be Sold
Geography FocusOnly within IndiaIndia & World Wide
Currency SupportOnly INRINR & any Foreign Currency can be accepted
Language SupportOnly EnglishEnglish, Hindi, Tamil & Major Indian Language Online Translator
Sales Commission % on Sales6% to 35% on Sales& may increase as per timeMutually Agreed % on Sales for Life Long
Logistics & DeliverySeller Logistics Not AllowedSeller Own Logistics Allowed& Option to use our Logistics
Logistics TariffMarket Place Defined & Heavy Charges on SellerSeller can tie up Couriers directly or deliver with their own Team
Online Payment GatewayMarket Place Company’s Bank is allocated to Collect MoneySellers Bank is allocated to Collect Money
Pre-Paid Sales Payment to SellerBetween 7 Days & 21 DaysMax Up to 3 Days
Cash on Delivery Sales Payment to SellerBetween 7 Days & 21 DaysGet it On Delivery Same Day from Clients
Policy & StrategyAny Time Change Policy & StrategiesAll Policy & Strategy Defined by Seller
Returns & ExchangeSeller become Ducks by getting Open Box & Damaged Products Back to themSeller have full Control and address Exchange with Clients Directly

ü If you find Selling with Pay Per Sale Program makes Business Sense than selling in Market Place or Getting Just Leads, then kindly sign up with us and Reach your Business from Local to Global with Make My Sales 

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